A graduate of Aalborg University, Denmark (M.Sc., PhD - civilingeniør, cand.polyt),
Thomas Heide Clausen spent a number of years at INRIA where he, among other
things, spent his time developing and standardizing OLSR (RFC3626).

Thomas has a particular affinity for "applicable research", and enjoys working with
diverse industrial partners and standardization bodies. He was co-chair of the
AUTOCONF working group within the Internet Engineering Task Force (the IETF) from
2005 until its closure in 2012. He currently serves on the Routing Area Directorate in
the IETF.

Thomas have been advising the French legislature, e.g., in the context of the HADOPI
law "favorisant la diffusion et la protection de la creation sur internet" (cf. page 159
of and the
parliamentary inquiry on individual rights on the Internet "Mission d'information
commune sur les droits de l'individu dans la révolution numérique" (cf. pages 153,
154, 190 and 259,

Thomas is the author and editor of several technical standards in the IETF, having published 8 RFCs (RFC3626, RFC5148, RFC5444, RFC5494, RFC5497, RFC6130, RFC6206, and RFC6622), with a few more approved for immanent publication, and even more in the pipeline.

In addition, Thomas has authored in excess of 40 peer-reviewed academic publications, and more than 40 technical rapports.
Thomas Heide Clausen - Biography